Sustainable Urbanization with Innovative Technologies (SUIT) Platform aims to develop new technologies for the infrastructure of smart cities in accordance with the principles of green agreement and sustainability, and also aims to increase the innovative product development and export potential of Turkey’s rapidly developing smart city sector by increasing the level of preparation of these technologies.

In line with the Green Deal, the technologies that the SUIT Platform aims to develop are: Carbon-Free/Low-Carbon Energy Generation and Grid Management, Electric Vehicles/Fleets and Intelligent Transportation, Building Energy Efficiency and Carbon Emission Reduction, and Sustainable Water Ecosystems. Energy-efficient and innovative Communication and Internet of Things technologies aimed at reducing resource use to an unprecedented level are also among the key innovation areas of SUIT.

The vision of the SUIT Platform includes developing new technologies for the infrastructure of smart cities in a human-oriented and sustainable manner. It is aimed to transform each of these technological developments into products that will be accepted by the society and can be used widely.

SUIT has created a synergy by bringing together large companies, leading R&D institutions and SMEs that are actively producing in our country. It is planned to transform this synergy into a long-term institutional structure that reduces Turkey’s technological dependence on foreign sources.