1st CNG Undergraduate Research Awards

The CNG undergraduate research awards, which are given to students who make a publication as a result of their undergraduate research at CNG, found their first winners. The ceremony took place at our end-of-year barbecue party. Congratulations to Semanur Avşar and Mutlu Ahmetoğlu.

Take a look at the related publications:

M. Ahmetoglu, O.T. Yavascan, E. Uysal, “Mista: An age-optimized slotted aloha protocol“, IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2022.

M. E. Ildiz, S. Avsar, E. Uysal, “An Inequality for Query Age of Information and Age of Information,” Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU), 2022 

Dr. Uysal presenting his certificate to Mutlu Ahmetoğlu.
Dr. Arslan presenting her certificate to Semanur Avşar.
Dr. Uysal, Semanur Avşar, and Dr. Arslan