Research Job Opening: Communication Technology Innovators are sought, targeting 6G Patents

CNG is looking for junior researchers to work in the following projects, toward innovation leading to patents, starting immediately:

1) Inter-platform routing in Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) will be considered (Satellites, Aerial Vehicles including HAPS, UAVs, aircraft, balloons, etc.)
2) Machine Learning-aided Resource Allocation for MTC and Broadband services in TN and NTN  (terrestrial base stations, HAPs, gateways, etc.)
3) Novel Handover (Vertical/Horizontal) mechanisms for NTN and TN

The project will involve joint work with Ulak Technology staff. Pay rate will be commensurate to the private sector, depending on the experience level of the candidate.

Please apply by sending a resume to Prof. Dr. Elif Uysal: