A seminar on satellite communications

Dr. Defne Küçükyavuz, from the Satellite and Space Technologies Directorate of ASELSAN, gave a presentation titled “Paradigm Shift in Satellite Communications: Networks in Space” at METU EE.

You can find the abstract of the presentation and biography of the speaker below.

ABSTRACT: Recently, with the increasing impact of globalization, there  has been a growing demand of ubiquitous and seamless connectivity all  across the earth. With Internet of Things (IoT) applications coming to  life with the 5G technology, a paradigm shift in communication network  infrastructure has become unavoidable. In particular, leading  technology firms making excessive investments in Low Earth Orbit (LEO)  satellite communication networks and reusable launch vehicles, have  made access to space more convenient and profitable and as a result,  space-based communication, navigation and remote sensing services are  generating new businesses and industries. In this talk, an introduction to satellite communication systems will  be given and the reasons behind the growing trend of space networks of  LEO satellites will be presented. The key technologies and main  challenges for these networks will be summarized and well-known  network solutions in the global market will be compared. Finally, the  system solutions currently being developed in Satellite and Space  Technologies Directorate at ASELSAN will be summarized.

BIOGRAPHY: Dr. Defne Küçükyavuz received her B.S. degree in Electrical  and Electronics Engineering from Middle East Technical University,  Ankara, Turkey in 1996. She received her M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in  Electrical Engineering from The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH in  1998 and 2002, respectively. After working as a Postdoctoral Research  Fellow at The Ohio State University and The University of Melbourne,  Australia, she was an Assistant Professor at the Department of  Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University, Ankara,  Turkey. Currently, she is working as a senior chief design engineer at  ASELSAN Inc., Ankara, Turkey. Dr. Küçükyavuz is a recipient of the European Union Marie Curie  Fellowship (2006-2009) and TUBITAK Career Grant (2008-2010). Her field  of expertise lies in the broad area of communication theory, in  particular physical layer aspects of wireless communication systems,  with emphasis on the design of waveforms and protocols for satellite  communication networks.