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ISIT 2024, Athens, Greece. (Left to Right: Assist. Prof. Ahmed Hareedy, Ata Oğuz Tanrıkulu, Doğukan Özbayrak, Çağrı Arı, Prof. Elif Uysal)

CNG End-Of-Term Party, June 2024.

We celebrated the birthdays of Dr. Sajjad Baghaee and Süleyman Çıtır, June 2024.

We had a small Eid celebration in advance, June 2024.

We celebrated our new project, ‘GO-Space,’ which will officially kick off in October, May 2024.

Prof. Uysal at ITA 2024 in San Diego.
The first photo with Lara Dolecek. The second with, from left to right, Maxim Raginsky, Tara Javidi, and Urbashi Mitra.

Our Research Group, November 2023.

Prof. Uysal at PIMRC 2023 in Toronto.

CNG members in preparation for SUIT Platform First Term Evaluation Meeting, August 2023.

Orhan Yavascan visited Hiroyiki Ishii in Tokyo and turned this into a tradition. İlhan Can Avcu had been the first CNG member to visit him.

Orhan Yavascan presented two papers from CNG at WiOpt 2023 in Singapore.

Assoc. Prof. Vincent Y. F. Tan from National University of Singapore (NUS) visited CNG and held a seminar titled “Wyner’s common information can be strictly less than its exact counterpart”.

KAUST 6G Summit (Left to Right: Abdülkadir Çelik, Fay Arjomandi, Elif Uysal, Erdal Arıkan, Sam Armani, Aylin Yener)

Our Research Group, 2022.

Together with the birthdays of Dr. Hareedy and Emrullah, we celebrated the 5G & Beyond Fellowships won by Gülfem and Ömer, March 2022.

The EGO R&D Department visited the CNG lab and discussed cooperation opportunities, March 2022.

Sweet Suit Event, February 2022.

Submission moment of the SUIT platform proposal, February 2022. Photo by Prof. Dr. Onur Kaya.

Our Research Group, October 2021.

Our Research Group, July 2021.

Hasan gave a talk on “Age of Information and IoT” at GeekDay 2020, Gebze Technical University, February 2020.

A talk at the “Summit for Women Leaders in Science and Technology” at Bogazici University.

İlhan Can Avcu visited Hiroyiki Ishii in Tokyo, 24 August 2019.

Huawei CTO and VP of Wireless Research Dr. Wen Tong visited our research group, April 2019.

Our Research Group, February 2018.

1st EEE STAR 2018 workshop of Communication Network Group, April 2018.

Igor Kadota and other LIDS graduate students at MIT, May 2016.

Science Academy Young Scientist Prize Scholarship award ceremony, 2014.

Our Research Group, March 2014.

Our Research Group, March 2012.

Communication Network Lab, March 2012.

From ISIT 2011 in St Petersburg, Russia.

After presenting the Magnetic WSN localization, and the Energy Harvesting Scheduling results in two *concurrent* sessions at the SIU conference in Oludeniz, Fethiye (April 2012).

Neyre presented her doctoral work at the Applied Mathematics Institute of France (Institut Henri Poincare, Paris).

M.Sc. thesis defense of Fatih M. Özçelik. (From left to right: Fatih M. Özçelik, Tugcan Aktas)