Ongoing Projects

1.    FRESHDATA:  Redesigning Networking for Information Freshness

  • Funded by TUBITAK (2247-B program)

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2.     Sampling and Scheduling for Optimal Age of Information

  • Funded by TUBITAK grant 117E215

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Completed Projects

1. Age Optimization in Smart City Applications and on the Internet

(funded by Huawei)

Project Overview

2. E-CROPS— Energy Harvesting Communication Networks: Optimization and Demonstration

This project won a grant through the CHIST-ERA program of ERA-NET (2012-2015).  It is a collaboration between METU, Imperial College (UK), Eurecom (France) and CTTC (Spain). METU is heavily involved in the theoretical workpackages and has full leadership of the demonstration workpackage. In the demonstration WP, our group is collaborating with the MEMS group.



3. Novel Transmission Techniques for Energy Harvesting Communication Systems, (Funded by Türk Telekom), 2011-2012.

(Project Overview)

4. Design of Minimum Energy High Performance Wireless Communication Networks: Inter-layer Optimization and Algorithms (funded by TUBITAK)


5. Principles and  Experimental Implementation toward Energy-Efficient Design of Wireless Networks, (Funded by TUBITAK), 2011-2013. (Project Overview)


6. Implementable Schemes for Energy Harvesting Communication Systems. (Funded by Türk Telekom), 2012-2013.