Sustainable Urbanization Through Innovative Technologies (SUIT) Platform aims to develop new technologies for the infrastructure of smart cities in accordance with the principles of green deal and sustainability, and also aims to increase the innovative product development and export potential of Turkey’s rapidly developing smart city sector by increasing the level of preparation of these technologies.

The vision of the SUIT Platform includes developing new technologies for the infrastructure of smart cities in a human-oriented and sustainable manner. It is aimed to transform each of these technological developments into products that will be accepted by the society and can be used widely.

SUIT research program 2022-2025 contains the following projects:


P1: Energy-Efficient and Data Freshness-Optimizing Communication Technologies for the Next-Generation Scalable Internet of Things (Fresh-IoT)

Principal Investigator: Elif Uysal

Institution(s): METU (Leader), Işık University, ESOGU


P2: Advanced Communication Technologies Development Project for Connected Mobility (U-COM)

Principal Investigator: Filiz Şahin

Project manager: Elif Tay

Institution(s): Ulak Haberleşme


P3: Advanced Technologies for Indoor Optical Communication and Energy Neutral PV-IoT nodes (LiFi FV-IoT)

Principal Investigator: Onur Keskin

Institution(s): Işık University (Leader), ODTÜ-GÜNAM


P4: Advanced IoT Node Design (New-IoT)

Principal Investigator: İlhan Kaya

Institution(s): VESTEL Electronics


P5: Sustainable Safe Transportation Project with Smart City Elements and Smart Vehicles

Principal Investigators: Ahmet Saracoğlu, Serdar Gedik

Institution(s): Kuartis (Leader), METU


P6: Development of Autonomous Management System for Electric Vehicle Fleets

Principal Investigator: Ahmet Yazıcı

Institution(s): ESOGU


P7: Development of Decision Support System Integrated with Distribution Management System for Solar Energy Systems and Electric Vehicle Fleets

Principal Investigator: Murat Göl

Institution(s): ODTÜ-GÜNAM


P8: Smart Building Technologies

Principal Investigator: İpek Gürsel Dino

Institution(s): METU (Leader), JeoIT


P9: Spatial Data Analytics and IoT Process Integration Technology for the Circular Economy

Principal Investigator: Yavuz Eren

Institution(s): JeoIT (Leader), METU


P10: Development of a Fully Automated Bioelectrochemical System for Bioenergy Production from Biomass

Principal Investigator: Yasemin Dilşad Yılmazel Tokel

Institution(s): METU


P11: Next Generation Smart and Integrated Monitoring Systems for Effective Management of Aquatic Ecosystems

Principal Investigator: Meryem Beklioğlu

Institution(s): METU


SP: Social Impact of the Research Program

Principal Investigator: Anlı Ataöv

Institution(s): METU

SUIT was supported under the Center of Excellence Support Program 2021 Call. SUIT has created a synergy by bringing together universities (METU, ESOGU, Işık University), large companies (VESTEL Electronics, Ulak Haberleşme), leading R&D institutions (ODTÜ-GÜNAM) and SMEs (Kuartis, JeoIT) that are actively producing in our country. The plan is to transform this synergy into a long-term institutional structure that reduces Turkey’s technological dependence on foreign sources.

Project kick-off workshop photos can be found here.


Project Management Office: Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department Room D204, Middle East Technical University, Dumlupınar Bulvarı No:1, 06800, Cankaya Ankara/Turkiye.

Phone: 0 (312) 210 23 23

E-mail: suit [at]